I hereby publicly declare that I would hide someone in threat of deportation in my own home.

* By signing this call you're agreeing to have your name published on the website as soon as more than 100 people have signed. We won't publish your email-address.Here you'll find information on how we're protecting your private data (still only in German, unfortunately.)

When people get deported, it is up to each of us to stand up and open our homes in solidarity with those in danger.

We understand Bürger*innen-Asyl Berlin as a broad network against deportation. There are many ways for you to get involved:

Do you have a free room? If you can imagine hosting people who are threatened by and fighting against deportation, please get in touch. Even a place for a few weeks or months can make a big difference! In order to ensure the safety of everyone involved, your details will be treated with utmost confidentiality. We will accompany and support you throughout the entire process of the Citizen Asylum.

Do you have some spare time? People who stay in Citizen Asylum often need someone to accompany them to government agencies and offices, doctors or lawyers. By joining a support group, you can put solidarity into practice.

Sign our signature campaign! Make your voice heard by signing our call, which states: 'I hereby publicly declare that I would hide someone in threat of deportation in my own home'. The more signatures we have, the safer actual hiding places become.

Donate! Citizen Asylum involves quite some costs, such as living expenses or lawyer and public transportation fees. Every single donation helps! Our bank details can be found here.

Here you'll find our flyer and signature sheets in German and in English. Thank you for your support!